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Gym-Master Sports Floor 

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GymMaster is a multi purpose athletic floor good for every type of aerobic 
sporting activity including basketball, volleyball, soccer, aerobics, and gymnastics

  • 6 Multilayered system comprised of rubber granulate base 
    with multiple polyurethane layers on top

  • Custom color designs and playing boundary/grid lines can be 
    built into the floor

  • Price includes built in lines for one basketball and one volleyball court

  • Excellent shock absorption, sound absorption, durability and 
    mechanical strength

  • Can support heavy equipment and non-sporting activities

  • Thicknes:3/8

  • Low maintenance, requires no finishes or waxing

  • We handle the entire installation

GymMaster Sports Floor
Product # 119GM
Qty in sq.ft. Price/sq.ft. (includes delivery) Price includes built in lines for one basketball and one volleyball court.
Additional graphic available by quote.
1000 - 2000 $9.00
2001-8000 $8.55
8001+ $8.10

Installation Cost for GymMaster Sports Floor

Qty in sq.ft. Price/sq.ft.
1000 - 2000 $3.80
2001-8000 $3.30
8001+ $2.95

Installation prices are non-union, union scale is higher.  Installation prices 
are for floors with no major defects that may affect the installation price.  
Installation time is approximately 2 weeks.  Installation has a waste factor 
of 3 to 5%, add this to the total of your order.

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