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Gym & Fitness Mats & Floors

Floor Mats

Black Iron Gym Mats
The standard in the fitness industry, it doesn't get any tougher than this
wpe4D.jpg (22481 bytes) Gym ColorMat
Same as above only much better looking
Foam Exercise Pad
A light duty pad to help soften the pain of exercising on a hard floor
2 Layer Foam Exercise Pad
A heavy duty version of the one above
Flex-Massage Foot Mat
This will wake those feet up 
Flex Massage Body Mat
One step further wake up the whole body
Sport Flooring and/or Matting
Interlocking Sports Floor
Heavy weights heavy workout this one can take it all, our best selling non-permanent sports floor
X-Large Diamond Iron Gym Mat
1/2" thick and sizes up to 6'x16'
X-Large Diamond Interlocking Iron Gym Mat
1/2" thick with individual mat sizes up to 6'x16' that interlock to form a mat of any size
Interlocking Black Iron
Outdoor playground or indoor fitness area the toughest interlocking mat on the market
Sure Step Interlocking Rubber Sports Floor
For heavy duty aerobic workouts and light weights
wpe76.jpg (21331 bytes) Rubberflex Sports Matting
Available in 4' wide rolls up to 200' long 
Can be glued or just laid for floor coverage

Sport Flooring

This is the best gym floor on the market, built in designs and boundary lines.  Must be installed by professionals
Titan Sports Floor
Speckled colored 27"x27" tiles that are glued down
Spartus Sports Floor
You won't believe the color selection of these 27"x27" tiles, also glued down

Fitness Accessory Matting

Rib Lite Gym Floor Protector
Protection as easy as 1-2-3
Safety Grid
Perfect in wet areas indoor or outdoors
wpeA.jpg (37938 bytes) Grip Top Raised Platform Tile
Hard plastic with extra grip indoors or outdoors
wpe7.jpg (42420 bytes) Raised Platform Tile
Our standard duty indoor or outdoors
Heavy Duty Raised Platform Tile
Same as above only more support
Flexible Raised Platform Tile
Not as high as above  made of softer yet durable plastic
wpeF.jpg (54495 bytes) Smooth Top Flexible Raise Tile
Excellent for any wet area where bare feet will be present
Solid Surface Raised Platform Tile
Our raised platform tile with a solid surface

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